Canal Boat Holidays… enjoy life in the slow lane, take it easy, relax and let time just float on by.

Canal boat holidays are one of the fastest ways of slowing down. From the moment you set off on your canal boat holiday in your traditional narrowboat, onto the local canals and rivers, you’re at the helm in more ways than one. That’s because you have the freedom to decide where to go, where to stop and what to visit. The network of rivers and canals lets you see the countryside as you have never seen it before, and you can moor for the night right on a quiet riverbank, or in the centre of a town or city, just a few yards from the welcoming inns and restaurants. You’ll enjoy the pleasure of being able to shop for all your daily needs, walk your dogs (yes they are allowed and for free!) just a short stroll from the comfort of your cabin. Find out more by clicking here.